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The offices of H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA provide general, cosmetic and restorative dental care for Fort Worth patients. Our dentists offer professional services for everything from regular cleanings and teeth whitening to dental implants and endodontic therapy. Your oral health is closely tied to your general health, so we will work closely with you to ensure all of your dental needs are met. So, rest assured that our dentists will provide you with the dental services you may need to keep your smile healthy.

Fort Worth Dental Exam

There are different exams that your dentist will preform to evaluate your dental health. When you come in for your appointment, one of our dentists will complete a consultation exam, comprehensive exam and, every six months, a periodic exam. If something unexpected comes up before your regular appointment, we also provide limited or emergency exams for our patients. Make sure to keep your appointments so your dental hygiene can remain as healthy as possible.


Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are essential in maintaining your oral health. And while these are regular appointments you should keep, it is important to note that all dental cleanings are unique to the patient. Your dentist will talk to you about what your smile needs to stay healthy whether it be a six month recall, cleaning with inflammation, deep cleaning or three month cleaning.


Endodontic Therapy

When bacterium affects the nerve of your tooth, you may need to undergo endodontic therapy also known as a root canal. All of the isolated tooth’s tissue is removed from the tooth chamber during this two-appointment treatment. During your second visit, the tooth will be cleaned out once again and then will be sealed to prevent reinfection. After this, a new crown is used to support your tooth. This surgery will be completed by one of our endodontists.


Teeth Whitening

Our teeth often become discolored with time, but you should not settle for anything less than your dream smile. With both in-office and take-home bleaching techniques, your dentist will be able to help restore your smile back to its brightest. And because we offer different levels of lightening, your teeth will look naturally brighter after completing these treatments.


Sedation Dentistry

Many patients often experience anxiety when they walk into a dentist’s office, so if you are dreading your next appointment, you should talk to your doctor about sedation dentistry. We offer both minimal and moderate sedation depending on your level of anxiety. This will help rest some of your fears so you can still attend your regular appointments.


Dental Implants

If you have experienced either tooth or teeth loss, it is important to schedule your dental implant procedure. Dental implants reinforce the integrity of your jawbone by acting as tooth roots, and they restore the function of your teeth by returning your mouth to its natural state. Your dentist will tell you if you qualify for dental implants and will ensure you are prepared for the procedure.



If you hear grinding or clicking sounds coming from your jaw or have aching jaw muscles, you should ask your doctor about bruxism. Often referred to as teeth grinding or gnashing, bruxism affects 25 percent of today’s population. While this clenching may be noticeable while you are awake, many experience this during their sleep. The faster you talk to your dentist, the faster you can find the best treatment for your bruxism.


Oral Cancer Screening

As part of your routine dental exam, your dentist will execute am oral cancer screening. Oral cancer can be found anywhere on or in the lips, cheeks, tongue, throat, sinus cavities, mouth or the palates. It is as an uncontrollable growth of cells that often appears as a mass or a sore. If you feel like something is off with your dental health, you should immediately seek medical attention and make an appointment with your dentist.