Half a Dozen Reasons Not to Miss a Dental Check-Up

Happy Labor Day!

The costs and fears associated with dental visits often prevent people from scheduling oral exams. Some rationalize that if they are young or take great care of their teeth than there’s no need to see their local dentist. While good oral care can help maintain health, dentists and insurance companies still encourage bi-annual dental check-ups for a number of reasons. You may not realize that something is wrong if you skip a dental appointment or two, and wind up with bigger, more involved issues and larger bills to correct them. Preventative care is worth its weight in insurance premiums.


The basic idea behind the twice per year recommendation for dental check-ups stems from the idea of maintaining the general health of the mouth. When you make it to those six-month appointments, it gives your dentist a chance to discuss concerns, double check and encourage oral routines, and suggest products to help with any less-than-stellar conditions present.

In addition to prevention, a regular dental visit to our Fort Worth office can catch early signs or symptoms of many bad conditions. Periodontal Disease is one of them. It starts as plaque and calculus build up, then causes gingivitis, and eventually the gums can separate from the teeth. Additionally, all the plaque that the dentist leans away poses a threat to your blood, and thus, your heart. Get into your check-up so you don’t have to worry about it.

Mild tooth decay is another concern that may be caught at a dental visit before it can fully destroy your chompers. In addition to checking the vitality of each tooth, your dentist can fill any cavities to stop further damage, avoid painful chewing and swollen mouth, and eliminate root canal costs later down the road.

Another great reason to show up for your dental appointments are so that your dentist can keep an eye out for Oral Cancer. As with most cancers, the sooner you can be diagnosed and treated, the better.


While your mouths overall health is important, their beauty is another wonderful reason to stop by our dental office in Fort Worth. We can clean, remove stains, polish, and whiten your teeth, as well as suggest corrections to straighten teeth and optimize smile. Not only does making them look nice keep your teeth in top shape, but a happy smile will help you feel more confident as well.


You may not think dental check-ups are important, but the truth is, skipping a visit puts your health and smile at risk for some current or future serious problems. It’s easy to make your first appointment and schedule the next one before you leave the office. You’ll leave with even more reasons to smile.

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