Appreciating Dentists Worldwide

In the month of March we celebrate Dental Appreciation Day.  While some may think this is another made up holiday, it is an important time to recognize all the dentists do.  There is much more to the practice of dentistry than just cleaning teeth.  This month lets thank all of our family and friends who are dentists.  It is hard to find someone who actually enjoys going to the dentist – and if that is you, just call to tell them your thanks, no one will make you take an extra trip in.  In addition to the professional advice they give out, below is a list of reasons we should all be appreciative for our dentist.


Detect Disease

While most people go to the dentist thinking that the dentist is just looking for cavities and doing a quick clean, dentists are really doing so much more.  Dentists are trained to look for numerous diseases that may be relatively minor if caught early, but could lead to severe health challenge in the future if left unaddressed.  Many oral diseases can lead to severe diseases like heart disease.  Dentists are on the front lines to identify these diseases and treat them before they become severe.  


Treat Kids

Dentists aren’t there jus to calm your fears, they calm your kids fears too. Ensuring your kids have a good foundation of oral health is important for them to grow up strong.  Dentists are an integral part of the relationship in ensuring your child’s whole body is healthy.


Brings Relief

For anyone who has had severe tooth pain, you know that when you need help, you need help right then! Dentists are there – at any time of the day – to help patients get relief.  They come in early and leave late to be able to fit everyone in.  It is thanks to their hard work that you are able to gain relief from you tooth pain.

Appreciating Dentists Worldwide


Create Health Plans

Dentists are experts in more than just teeth.  They are trained in all the systems of the body and are able to help patients create healthy living plans that benefit their mouth and holistic health.  Healthy eating that limits sugars and sodas are are the foundation to maintaining a health weight and healthy teeth.  These two things in combination will lead to a decreased risk of other diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease.


Keep your Smile Bright

The benefits of a bi-yearly exam are extensive.  Every six months dentists are able to detect early indicators of tooth decay.  In addition, a good cleaning will make your teeth even brighter.  Why spend money on expensive tooth whitening kits when a trip to the dentist will do the job!


Treat the Elderly

As we age, our dental needs become more complex. Many elderly lose teeth and need extensive dental work to maintain daily habits.  Dentists are able to help the elderly maintain their smile and ensure their teeth are healthy and not breaking or falling out.  Dentists can also be on the lookout for other diseases that may present in the mouth.  Dentists should be a member of any elderly person’s health team.    


These are only a few reasons dentists plan an integral role in our society.  They are a much needed component to ensure the whole body is healthy from childhood on!

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