The Best 3 Ways to Protect Teeth During Sports

Schools everywhere are in session now and with each restart come the comradery and enjoyment of sports. While these activities may be a great way for your students (or yourself, we know adults get involved in leagues too!) to get and stay healthy, they can pose a threat to the safety of teeth. So in honor of sports and all the fun they can be, here’s a list of great ways to make sure your mouths are as healthy as they can be to withstand damage, as well as tips for mid-play protection.

Eating Right

Getting the proper nutrition not only makes your body ready for its next practice or competition, but it also benefits your teeth. Not only do you need calcium for your teeth, but you also need antioxidants to fight inflammation in the gums, and phosphorus and protein to protect and rebuild tooth enamel. Water and fiber in fresh vegetables and fruit are also important because they balance out any sugars you eat and clean the teeth, thus preventing cavities and other problems associated with decay. Consider healthy snacks like eggs, yogurt, cheese, tofu, meat, and milk in exchange for salty or sweet convenience foods that feed the bacteria that destroy teeth. By choosing nutritional food, you give teeth a chance to withstand more trauma in the event of a sport-related collision.



Proper Cleaning is a Must

Clean teeth are strong teeth. A regular oral maintenance routine will keep your entire mouth healthy. The ADA recommends 30 seconds of brushing in each quarter of the mouth twice daily, plus flossing and rinsing each day. Six month check-ups with a dentist (pick us!) can also stay on top of your oral health and nip any issues in the butt before they progress.


Mouthguards and Helmets

All those barked orders of the millions of coaches to wear the gear properly to prevent injury are spot on. Helmets with from guards as well as mouthguards can help with not only contact sports, but even sports you don’t think about such as basketball or polo.

There are three types of mouthguards you can consider. The first is a stock one, the preformed and ready to go ones. Unfortunately, they are bulky and make breathing difficult. Another option is the boil and bite type you can find at most sport stores. They fit better than the stock ones. The best option, however, is one we can custom order for you and have created in a dental lab. We take impressions of your teeth and gums and then send them to a lab, where acrylic resins are used in gypsum olds. These offer the best fit and are immensely durable. The cost a little more upfront, but will save you money in the long run.


Healthy From Mouth to Cleat

Not only is it important to keep your smile intact, but if your mouth is healthy, you’ll bring your A game every time you put on a uniform or take up equipment. The above info can help you do that. Have a wonderful sport season, whatever your activity, and remember to care for your teeth to take care of the rest of you.

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