20 Fall Teacher Treat Ideas


Button blooms and apple cupcakes, wreaths, and teacup votives.   What do all of these have in common? They are all thoughtful gifts you can make for your teachers to show your appreciation.  What teacher wouldn’t want a breakfast bucket or sweet vase filled with letters and flowers? Below are many ideas, a veritable cornucopia of choice, so you can create a token of your appreciation for the teachers in your (and your children’s) lives.


20. Apple-shaped cupcakes. A super easy way to create some teacher appreciation.  Cake mix, frosting, candy, pretzels, and voila!


19. Apple Stamping. Paper (or canvas), paint, apples, and brown and green sharpies.  Each apple stamp makes a unique picture and will be sure to delight your teacher.


18. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Holders.  For less than $5, you could put together a beautiful mason jar covered in autumn leaves.  Buy (or find) leaves, mod podge, and twine.  Decorate.  Add a votive candle and you’ve now created a lovely teacher appreciation gift.


17. Flower Bouquet.  Find a big vase and a glass that will fit inside of it.  Slide colorful plastic magnetic alphabet letters between the vase and the glass.  Put a big bouquet of flowers in the glass, and give them to your teacher.


16. Breakfast To-go Appreciation Buckets.  Pick up a dollar store bucket, add a yogurt, a homemade muffin, a banana, a spoon, and a napkin.  Your teacher will be sure to thank you!


15. Button Blooms. Floral wire and some colorful buttons make this one a winner as they brighten any potted plant.  This is a great last-minute gift and easy to make.


14. Candied Popcorn.  Delicious candied popcorn bagged with a tag.   Here’s a Valentine’s version of it that uses microwave popcorn, Wilson’s Confetti Candy Melts, and M&Ms.

13. Dino Toy Planter. Cutest planter ever.  All you need is a hard plastic toy, spray primer, spray paint, soil, and a succulent.  It’s uper easy to make and even more fun to give.


12. Fall Wreath.  Here’s a very sweet fall wreath, replete with grape vines, leaves, and chickadees.  It’s definitely a lovely autumn door decoration.


11. Flower pot. Gather a flower pot, gardening gloves, seeds and a pad of paper for this cute idea. You can even add a poem.  Bonus points if you can somehow get a packet of seeds that relate to your child’s name or personality.


10. Funtastic Cookies.  From start to finish, these cookies use 3 ingredients, and the whole super cute colorful gift package is ready in 30 minutes.


9. Glass Magnets. This is a gift you can make in under 45 minutes.   With Mod Podge, glue, glass marbles, magnets, and a few other bits, you’ll be able to create a beautiful set of magnets with images of your choice.

8. Lemon Sugar Scrub.  This is a lovely, simple sugar scrub that you can make in minutes.  Granulated sugar, coconut or almond oil, and lemon.


7. Magnetic Strawberry Plant Party Favors.  Upcycle old tin cans and use them as mini-vases to contain strawberry plants.  Instructions also show you how to showcase your plants on a magnetically primed piece of board, so perhaps your teacher can create a mini-garden in the classroom!


6. Mason Jar Succulents.  This is what you get when you pair $2 succulents with mason jars, pastel paints, and a cute teacher appreciation tag.


5. Pencil Flower Vase. Pick up a 7” glass flower vase, some #2 pencils, flowers, a rubber band and a ribbon.  This sweet vase is easy to make, functional, and provides extra pencils to your teacher.


4. S’more Oreo Truffles.  Crush some Oreos until they turn into paste, wrap them around a mini-marshmallow, dip in milk chocolate, then sprinkle with graham cracker bits and marshmallows.  Package and add a card.  That easy. That yummy.


3. Tissue Paper Vases. Upcycle your glass bottles and jars, brush with mod podge, then add colorful tissue paper.  Toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages can create these beautiful little vases.


2. Vintage Chippy Teacup Votives.  Take some soy wax chips, wicks, vintage teacups that you find in an antique store or thrift store, microwaveable container, spoons,  and wooden skewers, and you’re on your way to a very cute and unique gift.


1. Witch’s Brooms.  A very sweet and crafty little broom that uses two brown paper bags, some twine, a branch, and your teacher’s favorite candy.


Teacher appreciation gifts from A to Z.  Whether it’s something sweet to nibble on, a candle to bring in the fall aromas, magnets for the fridge, or some colorful flowers to brighten the room, these gifts are sure to let your children’s teachers know how much you care.  Certainly, creating stimulating lesson plans and instructing kids in the ways of the world is no easy task.  For that, even the smallest gift is appreciated as the words behind it seem to say, We see all of the hard work you do.  Our gratitude is immeasurable.  Thank you.

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