Twice-a-Year Dental Check-ups

Summer is ticking down to a close, and school is suddenly upon us. While homework might not yet be on kids’ minds, there are some tasks they should check off at the start of every new school year. In fact, the task we’re focused on—you children’s routine dental checks—are typically done at the start of each semester.  


Regular dental check-ups might be a “to-do,” but they don’t have to be seen like “homework,” either. Healthy teeth (and a healthy attitude toward dental hygiene) make for happier, more comfortable, and higher-performing kids during the school year. 

 The origin and purpose of twice-a-years

Prevention is the best teacher of oral health. So, let’s learn what your school-aged kids gain with twice-a-year dentist check-ups. 


  1. Detecting decay and changing habits before cavities start

    Let’s get real: there’s a possibility your children rush off to school some mornings without brushing their teeth. Even if your son or your daughter is highly disciplined in their brushing routine, those sneaky bacteria will find a way to harm teeth, particularly with school-time snacks. If bacteria were a student, he or she would be that student who always cheats on exams. Biannual dentist visits are crucial to catch bacteria before it leads to a loss of tooth integrity.

  2. Spotting cavities or damaged fillings

    Treating cavities as soon as they’re found means saving time on school absences, and discomfort during classes. Your child won’t be subject to distracting or unmanageable discomfort with the regular dental check-ups to address problems before they become disruptive.

    And did you know that cavities can spread? If one tooth develops severe decay, it can affect other teeth, and cause soft tissue or nerve damage. This can lead to horrendous discomfort and far more absences from school. This shouldn’t be a reality for any growing student.

  3. Healthy oral habits moving forward in life

    Not only do regular dental appointments for your kids reinforce the care routine to keep their teeth healthy as adults, but these regular, twice-per-year reminders can keep the daily dental routine front-of-mind even while they’re young. Dental visits also make your children accountable to a professional outside of the home—it’s not just about what Mom or Dad says, it’s about what the dentist expects of your kids, too.

  4. Oral health as an indicator overall health

    Dental professionals emphasize how regular dentist check-ups are just as important as your children’s general physical exams. By inspecting kids’ teeth, dentists sometimes connect dental issues with other underlying issues, for example with signs of digestive issues or dehydration.

  5. Leaving kids with squeaky clean teeth

    Don’t forget that these dental checks are also your child’s chance to get teeth cleaned professionally. Starting off each semester with brilliant, shiny whites without any tartar or plaque build-up will make those school year smiles all that much more dazzling.

    Give your children the opportunity to start school with a fresh smile, and with the positive dental habits to teach how important—and rewarding—good oral hygiene can be! 

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