Arlington Couple Celebrates an Inspiring 75 Years Together

…and they’re still going strong.

James “Buddy” and Gertie Thomas celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary last weekend at Arlington’s Newspring Church, where their (now-deceased) son was a founder pastor. Buddy was only 18 when he met Gertie, and, though he didn’t know it at first, she was just 14. Despite everything they’ve been through together – the Great Depression, hard economic times while Buddy was in school, the early death of Gertie’s mother – they stuck with it and are now happily retired, still living in the tree-shaded home where they raised their children. It now serves as a great place to entertain their 9 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.


They attribute their long marriage to faith in God, “consideration, compassion, and kindness”, and, according to Gertie, “just keeping your mouth shut a lot of times.”


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