Bravest Dentist Ever Performs Dental Work on Rare Sumatran Tiger

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A British dentist named Peter Kertesz performed emergency dental work on Amir, a rare Sumatran tiger in England last week, after the tiger chipped four of his front teeth.

The 280 lb. cat, who is a member of the critically endangered Sunda Islands species – there are only about 500 left in the world , was sedated and transported from a nearby wildlife refuge in Kent.

According to Ben Warren, a representative from Howlett’s Wild Animal Park, “the broken teeth weren’t causing him any discomfort, we knew that a filling would be the best course of action to prevent any deterioration.”

The surgery came off without a hitch, and Amir is now peacefully recovering back home at the park. Dr. Kertesz, we salute you. Asleep or no, you have to be a brave man to reach into a tiger’s mouth.

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