Bone Graft with Immediate Implant Placement

Along with a tooth implant, your doctor may recommend a Bone Graft to provide the new dental implant with more stability and support.


Sinus Lift

To prepare the upper portion of your mouth for a molar or premolar implant, your doctor may recommend a sinus lift so he can add bone beneath the sinus to ensure there is room for the implant.


Bridge Versus an Implant

Bridges and Implants are excellent solutions for any missing teeth, and while both have their unique advantages, they have specific drawbacks to consider before deciding what option may best for you.


Bone Graft (Socket Preservation)

To repair any area of bone loss in the jaw, dentists can use Bone Grafts to help reestablish the damaged bone’s strength and stability.


Single Implant (Anterior- Immediate Load)

For a tooth replacement, a Single Implant can help complete your smile and restore your mouth to full optimization.


Screw-Retained Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)

When undergoing a tooth replacement, your implant will be prepped, placed and secured with a special healing cap that will help secure and stabilize it.


Screw-Retained Implant (Anterior- Healing Cap)

Screw-Retained Implants can be secured to replace any missing tooth in your mouth, and the special healing cap will help stabilize your smile’s new addition.


Screw-Retained Implant (Anterior- Immediate Load)

For an immediate replacement, a Screw-Retained Implant can be set and secured in your missing tooth’s place to help retain the strength and security of the rest of your surrounding teeth.