We Don’t Just Ride Horses in Fort Worth Texas

Since riding a horse through downtown Fort Worth isn’t really an option these days, one of the best ways to enjoy the great city of Fort Worth –

while also getting some exercise – is by bike. Cycling groups are popping up all around the city, and more and more

people are turning to bikes to minimize travel costs to work. Bikes are a great carbon-neutral

transportation method and cycling groups  offer great opportunities to getting some serious exercise and some serious fun.


But the biggest issue with biking is safety. Cyclists are vulnerable – it’s not as though

bicycles have airbags that can cushion a hard fall on an asphalt road. Car drivers often don’t

respect the rules of the road when it comes to cyclists, and regard them as more of a nuisance

than a fellow traveler. There’s a negative stigma surrounding people that wear helmets, as if

those that wear them are somehow less…brave? It’s hard to define because it’s so ridiculous.

Everyone that rides a bike should wear a helmet – it’s just common sense.


Clearly, bike safety is the largest obstacle standing in the way of cycling becoming a

more prevalent method of both travel and fun. Luckily, there are lots of groups in Fort Worth and

in Texas as a whole that are dedicated to ensuring that everyone who hops on a bike is aware

of the rules and regulations and has all the tools they need to be safe.


The best tool for cyclists in the Fort Worth area is the comprehensive bike plan put out

by the city government in 2009. In it, Fort Worth officials “create a framework, using

engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation, to increase bicycle

transportation and improve safety in the City of Fort Worth.” Basically, they lay out the safest

areas for bikers, point out tips of the road, and plan an as-yet unfinished “bikeway network,”

which would help bikers get from point A to point B while avoiding as much vehicular traffic as



This city document is a great resource. But what about cycling groups not run by the

city? Understandably, people want to connect with other cyclists, and get to know their own

personal experience biking around Fort Worth. Bike Friendly Fort Worth has tons of resources

for finding cycling groups and discussing safety tips. For the activists, they often write letters to

city council detailing the need for more bike paths and lanes across the city.


BikeDFW is another great site, offering a wide variety of tools for cyclists. They have a

section dedicated wholly to safety, and provide links to pages that show you when bike safety

classes become available in your area, as well as a comprehensive bike shop guide.



As far as Texas-wide sites go, the best on the internet by a country mile is Wheel

Brothers, the largest cycling site in the state. Wheel Brothers is for the competitive/sport cyclist,

and they’ll post updates on bike races and group rides from El Paso to Houston and everywhere

in between. They also take an interest in bike safety, and they’ll post guides on how to stay

hydrated in the hot Texas summer months. If you’re biking in a jersey with thirty other dedicated

cyclists instead of in a business suit on the way to work, Wheel Brothers is your place.


As you can see, there’s a plethora of options for bike people in the Fort Worth area.

Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned veteran, using bikes for sport, exercise, or work, or

simply interested in bike culture, everyone can find a place for them. Our city is beautiful, and

experiencing it on a bike can give you a whole new perspective. Get out there, and get riding!

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