Eight Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Do you find yourself fighting with your kids over getting them to brush their teeth? Night after night, it can seem like a drag, to say the least. While getting kids to brush as part of a bedtime or morning routine can seem like a hassle, NOT brushing is even worse. If you can shift your own mentality around the drudgery of getting them to brush (much worse than the actual brushing itself), then you’ve taken a step in the right direction. In the meantime, here are some tricks for getting your kids to brush their teeth.

two cute kids brushing their teeth over white background

1.Triumph over funky-looking teeth.

Kids often love anything that’s colorful, unusual, or just plain weird. With Disclosing Tablets, kids can triumph over funky pink teeth. These tablets actually stain the plaque on your kids’ teeth pink. That way, they can see where they need to brush and work hard at getting rid of the pink on their teeth. This also works if they think they have clean teeth (after a 5 second brush job), but they really don’t. Challenge them to get their teeth clean BEFORE they use the tablet – or if that doesn’t work, challenge them to get the pink stains off in record time.

2. Create a great story

Get your creative juices flowing and create a story about how the nasty sugar critters will try to make holes in their teeth. You can even take favorite characters they know and love and create a story about Elsa, Anna, and how they conquer the evil sugar monsters. Sometimes kids get so lost in a good story, they forget all of their resistance to brushing their teeth.

Illustration of a book with a castle at the forest on a white background

3. Brush like a train

One way you can get kids to learn how to brush and brush correctly is by having them imagine they’re making train wheels on their teeth and gums. Their hand becomes the train, then they use big circles moving gently around their teeth and gums which is much better than just scrubbing. You can even get inventive with train sounds if you’d like.

4. Create bubbles

If they are making some bubbles, then it means they’re actually using enough toothpaste and water. You can even create a contest to see who can make the most bubbles, and see who wins.


5. Keep company with a stuffed animal or an adult

Your child can bring in a favorite stuffed animal or toy and then brush their teeth as well. Also, consider that children enjoy doing what their parents are also doing. If your child can’t brush her own teeth very well, then you can always let her brush your teeth first, then brush her teeth afterwards. You can also do copying games and have her copy your movements as well. Plus, the extra attention always goes a long way.

6. Get yummy toothpaste!

No need to get mint toothpaste when there are so many great flavors to choose from. Try strawberry, bubblegum, and even chocolate to entice kids to brush their teeth. Take them to the store and have them choose a flavor they think they’ll like. They’ll love the flavor, and there will be fewer battles when it’s time to brush their teeth.

7. Count time in creative ways

To get your kids to brush for a long enough period of time (about two minutes), they can always sing a favorite song while brushing their teeth. You can also buy a nifty egg timer for them, so they can learn how to set it and watch the time tick down second by second.

8. Use a chart and track progress

If your child is into stickers, then you can create a chart and track his progress every time he brushes his teeth successfully. You can even have him work towards a particular reward, so once he gets there, a small treat is given. Once he gets close to the treat, the excitement will build. Get the kiddos excited about brushing and download our chart here.



With these eight nifty tricks, you will hopefully be able to get your kids on to the toothbrushing track and into a clear routine which will set them up for life. After all, this is not only about setting up good habits for now, it’s about setting up good habits for later.

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