Pancakepalooza in Fort Worth! It’s National Pancake Day!

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s pancakes. If you have a friend that says waffles are better, be very wary around that person. They’re not to be trusted. Pancakes are the greatest thing to happen to breakfast since bacon, and now there’s finally a way to celebrate them. Today, Friday, September 26, is National Pancake Day, and if you’re not eating pancakes for every meal, then buddy, we’re gonna have to have a talk.

Fort Worth has some great pancake places for you to go and celebrate. You won’t be able to get the full-fledged experience at IHOP, because they still claim that National Pancake Day is March 4, which is a darn shame. Although, let’s be honest, IHOP pancakes are still delicious, holiday or not.

Luckily, locally owned businesses are around to give you the pancake celebration that you deserve. First and foremost, Ol’ South Pancake House is a fantastic option. They have the best pancakes in Fort Worth, hands down. They also have the Pancake Challenge, which seems appropriate for National Pancake Day. Here’s the rules: you have one whole hour to eat eight of their biggest pancakes. If you by some miracle succeed, which you probably won’t because these pancakes are enormous and you’ll fill up quick, you get the meal free. If you fail, it’s $19.99. National Pancake Day is worth celebrating, and worth taking a risk for. Hit up Ol’South. Take the challenge. It’s worth it, because hey, even if you don’t win, you still get some mighty good pancakes.

Another great place to indulge is Yogi’s Deli and Grill. Famous for their bagels, their pancakes are the hidden gem of the restaurant. Go in and get a real treat as you take in the wide variety of TCU memorabilia on the walls. It’s a real classic diner experience, and the perfect place to chow down on some pancakes.

The Montgomery Street Cafe is also worth checking out. It’s got homestyle charm and a wicked pancake platter, with a side biscuit that will make you wonder why there isn’t a National Biscuit Day. Going from Ol’South to Yogi’s to Montgomery Street will give you the ultimate National Pancake Day, but the challenge is only for the brave.

Too busy to go out and eat breakfast? No worries – the Food Channel has you covered. All day long, they’ll be showing how to maximize your pancake experience with programs that highlight the art of the flapjack. Your mouth will water and you’ll be disappointed you couldn’t indulge, but hey, it’s better than not participating at all.

This National Pancake Day, go out and celebrate what should be designated the official breakfast of the United States. It’s as American as apple pie, and just as tasty. Mmmmmm, apple pie. When’s National Apple Pie Day?

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