How to Set Slam-Dunk Resolutions

2018 is now upon us, which means most of us are still thinking about New Year’s resolutions. While most of us approach the new year with good intentions of sticking to our stated goals, the truth is that only 8% of Americans follow through with their resolutions each year! 


There’s a reason we set new goals each year: we’re terrible at accomplishing the resolution from the previous year. We want you to be successful, though, so we’ve laid out the top 10 resolutions from 2017 and will outline how you can be more successful in getting your 2018 goals checked off. 

 How to set resolutions

Top Resolutions of 2017: 


  1. Diet or “eat healthier”
  2. Exercise
  3. Lose weight
  4. Save more; spend less
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Quit smoking
  7. Read more
  8. Get a new job
  9. Drink less
  10. Spend more time with friends and family 


How to create meaningful resolutions  


If you choose to make a New Year’s resolution, it’s important that it’s both meaningful and personal. Achievable is born from these two qualities. Resolutions that stick require thought and a significant amount of introspection. 


Set aside some quiet time to think about what specific changes you would like to make in your life, and areas in the previous year that you would like to improve upon. If setting singular resolutions is too restrictive, consider setting a thematic goal for the year. Once you have your theme, think about specific areas in your life that you can alter to meet that goal. 


In addition, set goals that align with your values. Consider writing a mission statement for yourself to follow for the whole year. If your goals start slipping after some time, you can always go back to your mission statement for a “reset.”  


Sticking to your resolutions  


It’s unsurprising that the top three resolutions focus on diet and getting into better shape. After the holiday season—comprised of unhealthy foods and desserts—we are all ready for a reset. However, if we all stuck to our resolution from the previous year, we might not be in the situation where this has to be our number-one goal not met for the previous year. 


To be successful with health and wellness goals, it’s important to set specific, meaningful goals with milestones that can be accomplished along the way. It’s important that we are able celebrate small successes at every interval. This can act as a motivator. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the larger goal, set your sights on something smaller in the near future. That will help you overcome any adversity and struggles along the way. 


Lastly, be kind to yourself if you slip up. Don’t let one blunder become the downfall of the whole resolution. Mistakes happen, and life gets crazy. Don’t use these excuses as a reason to throw in the towel. Acknowledge the issue, and move on!  


Let’s get technical  


Although we don’t like to admit it, our phones are glued to us throughout the day. Every day, technology can actually help you commit to your resolutions and help you track your progress so that you remain motivated. Apps like Shine Text send motivational messages directly to your phone that can give you a boost of confidence and inspiration to achieve your goals. 


Particularly for fitness goals, technology can be a boon. Wearable fitness trackers can help you set daily goals and provide constant updates on how you’re doing. Short to reach your daily steps? Take the stairs, or park the car farther from your office entrance. These trackers will help you hit goals every day, and keep you motivated.  


Setting themes for the year or specific resolutions are a great way to begin 2018. It will help set the stage for the new year, and aid in adding direction to the days ahead. Choosing meaningful goals that align with your values will increase the likelihood of success. Remember: following these guidelines can make 2018 your most successful year yet! 

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