Strange flavors of toothpaste

Even though most of us consider mint to be the only **real** flavor for toothpaste, there are lots of strange flavors out there for the bold and the brave interested in trying something new.

Here’s a list of a just a few of the companies making crazy flavors of toothpaste that you can freshen your breath and clean those teeth with.

      1. Crest – Check our Crest’s new Be Adventurous series of toothpastes which come in flavors such as Mint Chocolate Trek, Lime Spearmint Zest and Vanilla Mint. Though these aren’t the craziest flavors on the list, they’re the easiest to find and are created by one of the biggest companies in tooth care. If you’re wanting to step outside the box but also know your teeth are getting just as clean, try these crazy flavors from Crest.
      2. Fructodent – This Italian company claims to be one of the first in the gourmand oral hygiene trend. They carry toothpastes in flavors such as lemon and sage; eucalyptus, anise and licorice; and rose and violet. Be sure to also check out their lemon and sage mouthwash to really get that clean feeling.
      3. Accoutrements – Need a little kick to wake up in the morning? Try Wasabi flavored toothpaste from Accoutrements. They also make toothpaste in cupcake and bacon flavors. Try if you dare and just try not to get addicted to that extra bit of bacon flavor in the morning.
      4. Jack n’ Jill – Jack n’ Jill, an Australian company, specializes in making toothpastes for children. Their all natural, organic toothpastes come in a variety of fresh and fruity flavors such as banana, strawberry, black currant, raspberry and blueberry. These flavors sound scrumptious and safe!
      5. Breathe Palette – If you’re interested in a rotating schedule of toothpaste flavors, this is the company for you. They have 32 distinct flavors such as tropical pine, rose, curry, white peach and even pumpkin pudding. Located in Japan, this company does ship to the US if you’re interested in trying any of their flavors. Why not brush as deliciously and creatively as we eat?

Sometimes we need a little variety in our life so why not switch out that old boring mint toothpaste for one of these funky gourmand flavors!

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