Is It A “Thing” To Gift Dentist Services?

We all have someone in our lives that is great at giving gifts. Whether it’s the perfect birthday gift or just a “little something” to show they care, it’s obvious they have that special talent in picking out the right thing. 


For the rest of us who sift through pages on Amazon looking for something—or just anything—to give, we understand and can even commiserate with you. Thankfully, the holidays are still many months away, so you still have time to think creatively. 

 Gifting dentistry

Gifts that are experiences such as horseback riding lessons or a hot air balloon ride have risen (ha!) in popularity due to an increase in conscience consumerism. What’s more, giving gifts that help better someone’s life such as gym membership or food delivery certificates have also seen a surge in popularity. 


If you’re looking to reduce just giving “stuff,” then it might be time to consider out-of-the-box ideas like giving money towards Invisalign or tooth whitening treatments for those who have said they would want it. Since these gifts are on the personal side, though, allow us to walk you through when and how this type of gift is appropriate.  


Is this even a thing? 


Of course gifts toward dental services is a thing! However, it is important to know your audience when you choose to give teeth whitening treatments or contribute to orthodontic work. We recommend giving these gifts to close friends and family who have publicly expressed their desire for one of these services. This will eliminate any awkwardness for the person who receives the gift, and not contribute to any unintended insinuations of what you think about their appearance. 


In some instances, it might be prudent to speak to the person before purchasing the gift. Since the gift of a dental procedure can be expensive, knowing both what is needed and desired most (as well as the preferred provider if you choose to get a certificate) can be helpful in the process.  


Is this gift insulting? 


There is always the potential for the person who receives the gift to question your motives and end up feeling bad. However, that is why we suggest talking to the person prior to offering. For many people, a bad smile or unhealthy teeth might have prevented them from advancing in their careers or have resulted in a decrease in self-esteem. While some may see the offer of dental services as an attack on their physical appearance, many people would be honored to have the opportunity to have a bright, healthy smile. 


What are the benefits? 


The benefits to giving a gift like this are really endless. A good smile contributes to more professional and personal opportunities. Studies have shown that a good smile makes you seem more trustworthy and can lead to more job opportunities or growth in your field. As your confidence grows you will also smile more, strengthen connections, and advance professionally. In addition, both Invisalign and tooth whitening are noninvasive, so there’s no time required to recover, and results can be seen quickly. 


Giving the gift of dentistry is a great option for those closest to you. Talk to the person before making any purchases; but remember, this is one gift that is guaranteed to keep on giving. 

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