Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas!

We are a country divided: those who think Valentine’s Days is a real holiday, and those that think it was the creation of capitalistic card and candy companies…Those that love to be showered in flowers and those that think it is all a ruse and insincere. The set that loves to go out and be among the throngs of couples, and those that think restaurants purposefully increase their prices and serve the worst wine on February 14. 


Well, we understand. However, since the tradition of a Valentine has been around in some form since the Roman Empire, it doesn’t look like it will be abolished anytime soon. February 14 rolls around each year, and for your reading pleasure we’ve come up with a list of nontraditional activities for you to do with your Valentine, or with friends and family. 

 Last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas

And for the haters: this list will not contain any reference to a prix fixe menu!  


Get down and dirty 


Put the little black dress back in the closet and opt for a pair of jeans and tennis shoes instead! The “sweet nothings” you will be whispering to your significant other will be along the lines of “see you at the finish line”. Bring out your competitive side with a trip to the go-kart track. K1 Speed boasts a professional track with cars that go fast! The experts here will fully outfit you for the ride so you look like a professional driver. Who needs roses when winners get trophies? 


Pop the cork 


For those who want to drink wine, but not be bothered by a stuffy restaurant, try out one of the many sip and paint options across the metroplex. From Painting with a Twist to Art in the Vine the concept is all the same: drink wine and paint. The best part of these classes is that your art actually looks good. Maybe it’s the instructors or maybe it’s the wine, but whatever the reason your creation will be wall worthy. 


No skating on thin ice 


We’ve had enough cold weather in the metroplex so why would you want to skate around frozen water?! Ditch the blades for wheels and head to Skate Town for a night of roller skating. The last time most of us were at a skating rink was for a birthday part that concluded with the kid of honor in the money booth. Now that we are older, the falls hurt a little more, but at least your date will pick you up this time!  


Fall in love  


All relationships have their ups and downs, but if you really want to test it then try indoor skydiving. iFLY allows you to have the skydiving experience without actually jumping out of a plane! Safe inside a wind tunnel you will experience the feeling of free falling while gently hovering above the ground. Parachutes are not required for this experience! 


Don’t reject Valentine’s Day due to preconceived notions of what you should do or what the movies led you to believe was the “right” way to go about it. Take advantage of these locations around Fort Worth to have both a fun and adventurous night!  

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