What Dr. Ku’s Office Is Most Thankful For…

Life is full of choices. Our daytoday is driven by choices we simply must make. Some of these choices are as simple as what should I eat for lunch,” while others are much more complex and can shape the course of our lives. 


Never, in all of history, have we had more access to options, opportunities and (simply put) choices. And due to all the information available a tap away, we know how important it is when you choose your health care providers. With that in mind, this Thanksgiving season, all of us at Dr. Ku’s office want to thank you for trusting us with your dental care and for being part of our Fort Worth, TX family. 

 What Dr. Ku’s Office Is Most Thankful For…

How we feel about reviews at Dr. Ku’s office 


In the age of the internet and websites devoted to reviews, new patients often put their full faith in the words of internet strangers. While review sites have been frowned on by some due to sometimes-biased postings that only represent outlier cases (both the good and the bad), we still think these reviews are important. Some dentists in the Fort Worth area completely disregard their internet reviews; however, at Dr. Ku’s office, we are committed to transparency and hope that each of our patients feels comfortable posting online about their experiences. 


In fact, we believe in this transparency so much that we have a link on our website that gives you shortcuts to all the major review sites 


42% of survey respondents admit they don’t visit the dentist as often as they should, according to the American Dental Association. Some of the reasons they avoid the dentist include lack of dental coverage, dental anxiety, or lack of a provider. 


Not having a trusted dentist to turn to is a significant barrier to patients who suffer from dental anxiety. At our Fort Worth office, we are dedicated to building a relationship with each of our patients and meeting them where they are when it comes to addressing fears. Our goal is to promote the oral health of each of our patients, and if that means having several meetings or conversations first to get to know each other, then we are happy to do that.  


Why we’re thankful 


A typical business owner who builds a profile on a review website does so with bated breath, uncertain of what will happen next. That was not us. We appreciate all our reviews and make an effort to respond to each one—the good and the bad. While we hope you would feel comfortable enough to raise any concerns with us, personally, we understand that some people prefer to write it out. And, in all honesty, we are appreciative of every one of our reviews, because they ultimately help some of that 42% of adults avoiding the dentist to find their new home 


So, next time you read a review online, know that the feedback is as valuable and appreciated for us as it is for the future patients looking for a provider. This holiday season, we are especially thankful for all our patientspast, present and future—and the raving reviews they’ve shared. And, most importantly, thank you for entrusting us with one of your most valuable assetsyour smile.  


Happy Thanksgiving from the Dr. Ku family!  

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