Why Dr. Ku’s Office Cares

Everyone on staff here at Dr. Ku’s office is dedicated to making your visit stress-free and hassle-free. We understand that many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobias, whether from traumatizing experiences in the past or without any explanation at all. We also understand that these are real fears! 


That said, the health of your mouth is important, and we don’t want you to forgo necessary treatments. That’s why we love it when we have patients return to us for over a decade, because that means we’re getting at the problem. We believe in establishing the relationships with patients that side-step phobias, stress and other hassles. We believe it’s important that ALL our patients form a long-term relationship with their dentist. Through decades of work, we’ve proven that forming this relationship leads to better health outcomes for patients. 


If you are feeling anxious about a visit, we would love to welcome you to the Ku Dentistry Family where we treat you like one of the family and put all your anxieties to ease. 

 Why we care

Why does a relationship matter? 


Dental care is based on a good dentist-patient relationship. Since the vast majority of patients are not practicing clinicians themselves, it is required they put their trust in their dentist and know that the recommended treatment plan is necessary and not offered solely as a way to ensure a higher bill at the end. We are all skeptical beings. If you do not explicitly trust us, then we will never have a true and transparent relationship. 


That’s why it’s our mission to build that trust! 


Communication is key 


You’ve heard this before from friends or family, but we can’t read your mind. If you are anxious, in pain or worried about the cost of a procedure, bring it up to us. Having these conversations will held deepen our relationship and build a trust between both of us. 


There is no question too dumb and no request too steep. If you’d like to set up a conversation before you’re locked and loaded in the chair, that’s fine, too! Comfortable dentistry is a term we like to use at our office, and it means that we’re willing to “meet people where they are” emotionally and physically. 


Some of our favorite patients have special needs or require special accommodations. We are happy to work with you on ensuring that your visit is pleasant and quick! Please call our office to schedule a time to talk to Dr. Ku. Patients are his number-one priority, and we want everyone to feel valued and respected! 




Finally, having a long-term relationship with your dentist means that in the event of a dental emergency you know exactly who to call. We have all your records and know right off the bat about any allergies or medications that we need to take into consideration. This also goes for our office staff. If you have a long relationship with our staff, they can easily work with you on scheduling future appointments and know the quirks of insurance that might have caused you issues in the past. 


We want all of our patients—past, present and future—to know that they are welcome in the Ku Family. We work hard to build relationships with each of our patients. We hope that our approach to comfortable dentistry invites in those who have previously been fearful of the dentist. All of that means that we ultimately want everyone to have the benefit of a healthy smile, and we are dedicated to getting everyone North Texas there! 

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