Clever Gifts—At Every Price

Choosing gifts for a variety of people at just as many price points can be stressful. The secret Santa or a long-distance friend can be even more difficult to buy for when you don’t spend time with them regularly on top of it. 


Gift cards seem impersonal, but when it comes time to make a decision, it can be difficult to find something that balances unique interests while staying on a budget. So, we’ve made gift shopping easy, affordable, and quick for you this holiday season! 

 See what you can do at every price

Gifts under $10 


Skip the coffee cup or coffee shop gift card to get something more memorable. Don’t assume cheap has to mean it’s a waste. 


Funny socks: This option is great for the office secret Santa! It’s useful without crossing any work boundaries or creating an awkward situation, and stretchy fabric can allow you to just eyeball rough shoe sizes. 


Funky pencils: Forget the orange, number two pencil you remember from your school days. Pencils that feature tops of woodland creatures or interesting patters can be stuffed in any stocking, and can actually be put to good use. 


Small succulents: For the wanna-be gardener who hasn’t quite cultivated their green thumb, succulents require little work and are small enough to be placed on a desk or windowsill.  


Gifts under $25 


This price point is perfect for distant family or friends you don’t see often. Gifts under $25 are also great to stock in a closet in case someone drops by unexpectedly with a gift, and you feel the need to reciprocate on the spot (you know that’s happened to you at some point). 


Digital wine bottle thermometer: Giving the gift of wine is always appreciated, but it lacks creativity. However, for the wine lover, this unique gadget is perfect to ensure their pinot is always chilled to the right temperature. 


Wood coasters: For the nature lover, bring the outdoors in with wood coasters. In addition to being visually pleasing, your furniture will thank you for protecting it against drinking glass rings.  


Tea towels: Pick holiday-specific dish towels that can be displayed in the kitchen. These towels are easy to store, and can be packed away as a last-minute gift. 


Gifts under $50  


These gifts are most likely for close friends and family. Therefore, it’s expected that you put some thought and effort into their procurement…and this expectation only adds to the pressure.  


Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker: If you have a niece or nephew who is music lover, a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is great for summers spent at the pool. They won’t have to worry about ruining a speaker with splashing, and can keep their music source safely away from the pool. 


Threemonth box subscription: Give the gift that keeps giving. Many subscription services will allow short-term signups: from chocolate to make-up, you can tailor any gift for those who are hardest to shop for. 


Portable iPhone photography kit: The current cameras in smart phones today are better than many DSLR cameras on the market. Give additional lenses and a tripod suited specifically for phones to allow the recipient to take professional-quality photos with their cell! 


Gifts under $100 


For those that are closest, you want to be able to give them something that they will love, and that shows that you take notice of the small things they like.  


Neon sign for a table: We all have that friend that has impeccable style, and is nearly impossible to shop for. Tabletop neon signs featuring inspiring words or phrases light up any space, and are edgy with a hint of nostalgia.  


Instax Mini 90: Move over, old-school polaroid camera that’s both bulky and heavy! This camera is perfect for creating instant images, and has a hip, streamlined exterior that everyone will love. 


Monogrammed cheese board: This is great for people who love to cook, and those who love to eat! The personalization could take a week or more, so get to ordering! 


This gift guide is only the beginning. If you see any great gifts exchanged this year, let us know by commenting below and we will update our gift giving guide!

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