Curious Questions You’ll Love Knowing The Answers To

We understand that, more than once, you’ve thought of lots of questions to ask the dentist in the weeks or days leading up to your appointment. But when you actually get in the chair, you either forget questions or worry that your questions are silly and unnecessary, and forego asking them altogether. 

 Multi-ethnic arms outstretched to ask questions.

Don’t let fear stop you from asking questions—trust us, we’ve heard it all, and enjoy answering every curiosity you have! If we don’t know the answer off the top of our head, we’ll be happy to research anything you want to know and get back to you right away. If you are someone that suffers from “chair amnesia” and all your questions seem to disappear, consider writing them down or sending us an email prior to your appointment. We understand the amount of stuff running through your head on a daily basis, so don’t worry about showing up with a note pad or sticky notes. 


If you are still hesitant to ask certain questions, we have a few of the most common “unasked questions” listed here for you to gander. 


I haven’t been to the dentist in 510….15 years. Should I be embarrassed? 


No! The most important thing is that you’re here now. We won’t guilt you or make you feel bad for your time away. Instead, we’ll work together to determine why you hadn’t had an appointment during that period of time, and work through any anxieties or issues that you might have experienced in the past.  


I feel really, really nervous. Can I put in headphones, or can we create a hand symbol if I get anxious? 


Of course! We want you to feel comfortable and at ease at every appointment. If listening to music or a podcast helps you relax, then please take advantage of technology today! If you suffer from serious dental anxiety, we also offer options for sedation dentistry that can make the appointment pass quickly with very little memory of the event. 


Can you tell that Im lying about flossing? 


Yes, we can absolutely tell if you stretch the truth about your flossing routine. Without flossing, you’re not cleaning 35% of the surface of the tooth. Due to this, your gums will be inflamed, and tartar will have built up around your teeth. We won’t admonish you or embarrass you for this, but we will remind you that flossing is an integral part of your oral health routine. 


Is my problem the worst you have ever seen? 


Some patients ask and we know others are thinking that their teeth are the worst we’ve ever seen. As dentists, let’s just say we have seen it all. You shouldn’t be worried about coming in to address lingering issues, or even for a cleaning. The most important thing is that you came in. We are here to help you rejuvenate your smile and alleviate any pain you are experiencing.  


I am afraid that I won’t be able to pay for my dental work. 


If you are uninsured or underinsured and have concerns that you can’t afford the work you need, please speak up. Prior to any procedure, you can meet with our finance team to discuss costs and payment options. Putting off necessary work due to cost might result in more costly work in the future. 


Do you need to know all my prescriptions? 


Discussing what medications you’re on might seem too personal to share with your dentist, but it is important. We are part of your comprehensive health team and it’s important that we’re in the loop to ensure we don’t prescribe anything that could adversely react with anything you’re taking. We want to work collaboratively with your other providers, so please be transparent!

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