Connective Tissue Graft

To restore receding gums or improve the look of your smile, dentists can take gum tissue from another area of your mouth and place it on any area of recession with Connective Tissue Grafts.


Impacted Third Molar

The third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, can create complications with your teeth’s alignment if there is not enough space for these molars to emerge, which is why these third molars are often extracted.



To remove any remaining infection after undergoing endodontic treatments, your dentist might recommend an Apicoectomy so the infection does not spread to the rest of your body.


Simple Extraction

When a tooth cannot be preserved, your doctor may recommend a Simple Extraction, a removal that does not involve surgery, so the space can undergo replacement restoration.


Free Gingival Graft

Tissue grafting can protect the surfaces of the roots and bone, halt the recession process and bring your gums back to their original, healthy appearance.


Surgical Extraction (3rd Molar)

If your third molar starts to disrupt your surrounding teeth’s health and alignment, your doctor may recommend removing the wisdom tooth with a Surgical Extraction.


Surgical Extraction (Other)

Sometimes a tooth becomes so decayed or damaged that it cannot be preserved and must be removed, and if this requires surgical access, your doctor will perform a Surgical Extraction.