What Dental Professionals Really Want for Christmas

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to thank all our clients, and we do our best to rise to the occasion. It’s especially awesome when the gratitude is returned, and we’re asked what sort of gifts we’d like. Truth be told, we’d much rather our clients spend the money taking care of their mouth: brushing twice a day, flossing daily, coming to see us twice each year, orthodontics if needed, etc…


More than 17% of children ages 5-19 years live with untreated dental caries, and adults between ages 20 and 44 have more than 27% (2011-2012). According to the Center for Disease Control, over 47% of adults 30 and older have one type or another of periodontal disease. Hands down, prevention is the best medicine.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the oral problems of the world just disappeared in 2016? That may not be realistic, but what’s wrong with dreaming about it? That is what dentists truly want for Christmas.


But since some of our patients are persistent in wanting to get us actual physical items as thank-you gifts, we thought we’d make a short list of some things we thought would be fun to receive either for Christmas, special occasions, National Dentist Week, or any other time people feel inclined to get us a little something.

Cute but classy dental related earrings for the gals on my staff by BobbiesBeadsandBling.


Fun t-shirts like this one from MashDesignsOnline are great for our days out of the office.


Ties are a great way to make a statement without going overboard. I’d wear something like this to the office or for professional gatherings.

Ornaments are a great item that we can enjoy year after year, either on our office tree or at home. I like the clean lines of this one by Inspired Silver.


We dentists are guilty of enjoying less-than-good-for-our-teeth things such as coffee (we just make sure to drink lots of water and care for our teeth regularly like we encourage everyone to do), so this themed mug is a fun idea or maybe one with some dental humor.

Thank you again to all our clients for choosing our office in 2015 for all your dental needs!

Have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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