Last Minute Valentine’s Day Reservations in Fort Worth!

Valentine’s Day is only a week away PLUS it’s on a Saturday this year. And we know that at least a couple of you forgot to make reservations. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you! Here’s a list of restaurants that still have a decent selection of seating times open – and will be sure to impress your date (even if you’ve been married for years).

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Righteous Foods

Lanny Lancarte’s new restaurant on West 7th has been a smash hit, and rightfully (or righteously) so. However, some of us are still pining after the dearly departed Lanny’s Alta Cocina. If you miss his fine dining take on contemporary Mexican, pick up the phone immediately and make your rezos for his Valentine’s Day prix fixe. Featuring three courses and an amuse bouche, Righteous will be offering poached lobster with aerated coconut oil, sweet potato gnocchi with Sangria-braised oxtail, Tasmanian steelhead with capers and goji berries, and more. They’re booked up during prime time, but apparently have plenty of seating left before 6:30 or after 8, which really isn’t bad. We might even see you there!

Shinjuku Station

Southside favorite Shinjuku still has spots open too, though they may not be able to do 7:30 on the dot. Still, their 7-course tasting menu is probably worth getting home a little late. According to the chef, they’re still tweaking the details, but they will definitely be featuring Pacific oysters with wasabi salt and caviar, a lobster and uni bisque, prime rib-eye, and a chocolate sake tart.

Sera Dining and Wine

Here’s another great option if you don’t mind eating a little early or late. Sera’s take on traditional Spanish tapas never ceases to impress, and we doubt Valentine’s Day will be any different. Chef Jen Williams (formerly of Magnolia Cheese Co.) recently took the helm, and, trust us, that’s a good thing. Girl can seriously cook. Her Valentine’s Day menu is an amuse bouche + 4 courses, and features some amazing, rarely seen classics. Foie, sweetbreads, and escargot all make an appearance, so if you’ve got an adventurous palate, this may be the spot for you.

Little Red Wasp

This still relatively new downtown eatery is better known for the ‘knife-and-fork’ sandwiches that they serve during lunch, but their dinner menu is absolutely worth checking out. This trendy spot is a great place to dress up for (or not), and has a fun, classy vibe that is definitely not stuffy. Their menu is best described as New American, with nightly features like shrimp and grits, braised short ribs, and seared tuna with snap peas.


Technically, they’ve been booked for months. Except…they’ve still got tables at the bar and the oyster bar. Cocktail tables, but tables. At pretty much any time you want. With full service, full menu, everything but the leg room. So if you and your date don’t mind getting cozy over some oysters on the half shell, this may be the place for you.

If none of these awesome choices call to you, or you don’t love the prix fixe concept, or you happen to be reading this article literally ON Valentine’s Day while your significant other stares daggers at you, don’t worry. You’ve still got options. Several of the restaurants we called informed us that they don’t take reservations, but will be doing walk-ins or call-aheads all night long. Perfect for procrastinators.

Chef Point 

This gas station/fine dining restaurant is technically in Watauga, but it’s famous and beloved enough that we’ll count it. Even better – they don’t take reservations, so they aren’t booked up. They do, however, accept same-day call-aheads. The host warns that the wait on Valentine’s Day can be between 1 and 2 hours, but, with the semi-longish drive from Fort Worth, you’ll have plenty of time to let them know you’re on your way.


This local fave recently – and deservedly – made Buzzfeed’s list of “24 Coffee Shops to Visit Before You Die”, but they are so much more. Not super dressy, but cute as all get out, this trendy spot has ample seating, a full (delicious) menu, a really really impressive beer list, and is accepting call-aheads (but not rezos!) on Valentine’s Day. So if your significant other is more Portlandia than Pair-ee, why not spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by the gorgeous tchotchkes and mismatched antiques of our very own “local’s living room”. They’re V-Day menu is maybe the best deal in town, too. Salad, a surf and turf, and dessert, for only $25.

13 Pies

Italian is the classic food of romance, so most restaurants tend to book up early. 13 Pies (formerly Fireside Pies), however, doesn’t accept reservations or call-aheads. Just show up, and enjoy!

PS – We particularly recommend the burrata. It’s amazing.

Clay Pigeon

Here’s another restaurant that’s been booked for months – and with good reason. This much talked about farm-to-table joint is busy on your average weekend, forget Valentine’s Day. There is a work-around though. Bar seating. They don’t take reservations on the bar, but they do offer their full menu there. So if you’re just dying to introduce your honey to their perfectly poached mussels, you’ve still got a shot.

Kent & Co

Not exactly a restaurant, but still very definitely worth mentioning. Dazzle your date with an impeccable glass of Champagne or Cabernet, and whet your appetite with a meat and cheese board or hummus plate from their kitchen. That said, be warned – they don’t serve a full menu. It’s snacks only, so you probably won’t want to show up with an empty stomach.

No matter where you end up on Valentine’s Day, we want to hear about it! Tell us where you decide on in comments, and keep visiting our blog for more great articles about life in Fort Worth, and visit our main site for updates on the leading dentist in Fort Worth!

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