Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas In Fort Worth!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Many couples treat it as an opportunity to dress up and treat themselves to a decadent meal (if you don’t have reservations yet, you might want to check out this article we posted about local restaurants that still have spots available). But if sitting cheek-by-jowl over a 5-course tasting menu isn’t your thing, no worries. We’ve got a few ideas for some fantastic Valentine’s Day activities that aren’t food-centric, but are still guaranteed to impress.

Some Like It Hot at the Modern

When we first checked out their website, we weren’t sure if the movie screening was limited to couples who had opted in to the Modern’s Valentine’s Day dinner, so we gave them a call. (They still have spots for the dinner, by the way. Click here for more information.) Good news! They absolutely have tickets for the movie only, and will be making them available starting at 10 am on the day of the screening. Even better news – the showing is 100% free. It is first come, first served, so you may want to call early, but the spokesperson we chatted with assured me that, even with the dinner guests’ pre-bookings, they’ve still got plenty of passes available.

Romeo and Juliet at Bass Hall

If music is the language of love, sometimes it’s best to leave the translations to the experts. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will be performing excerpts of Prokofiev’s classic Romeo and Juliet, along with other great works of classical romance. If you’re looking for a date that’s sophisticated and romantic, book your tickets now for this one-weekend performance. Click here for more details or to purchase tickets.


Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Valentine’s Day may fall in the middle of February, traditionally one of the ugliest months of the year, but luckily, we live in Texas, y’all. The forecast for Saturday is crisp and sunny, so why not pack a picnic lunch and head over to the gardens for an old-fashioned date? The roses aren’t in bloom yet, but you can always take a stroll through the glass enclosed Conservatory, where tropical flowers bloom year round, or head over to the Japanese Gardens and spend some time feeding the koi. The best part? You don’t even have to dress up.


Adopt and Animal at the Fort Worth Zoo 

If your honey is an animal lover, why not take a tour of the Fort Worth Zoo and give back at the same time? For Valentine’s Day, you can sponsor an animal of your choice, and they’ll provide you with an adoption certificate, photos, a fact sheet, plus a plush version of your new furry friend. Splurge on the “Love Birds” package, and you’ll be the proud sponsor of two animals, and they’ll even throw in a pair of zoo passes. It’s pretty adorable, to be honest, plus you’ll be sponsoring a great cause.


Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas at the Hilton

So, technically this is a dinner, but it’s not just  a dinner. It’s a night of drinks, dancing, and mystery, where you band together with your stablemates to solve a Valentine’s Day Massacre. This totally immersive experience will keep you laughing, guessing, and looking over your shoulder until the very last moment. Tickets available here.


Coyote Drive-In

What’s more romantic than a drive-in movie? This blast from the past plays current releases, so you can enjoy the nostalgia of the experience, even if you prefer contemporary comedies like “Hot Tub Time Machine” to Charlie Chaplin. Tickets are just $8, and they’ve got discounts for children, making this a wonderful options for couples and families.


Thanks for reading! If you liked these ideas, keep checking back for fresh content on what’s going on around town. Here at Dr. Ku’s office, we’re more than just the leading dentistry provider in Fort Worth. We’re your neighbors.

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