Reasons to Smile in Fort Worth Texas

There’s plenty of cool things to do in the city “Where the West began” 

Nicknamed “Cowtown” thanks to its history as a ranching spot, Fort Worth has various attractions that recall its heritage. There is the famous Stockyards National Historic District, plus old-west themed shopping and restaurants. There are also museums and ranches that show tourists what life was like for a cowboy. Besides the old-west themed places, there are also botanical gardens, art museums, upscale dining, and much more. 

Fort Worth Zoo 

The Fort Worth Zoo is a world-class zoo where visitors can see well-cared-for animals in their natural habitats. The zoo easily makes for an all-day trip. You’ll find restaurants, a picnic area, a train, and a playground for kids, and a wild collection of animals. 

This zoo is the only one in the country where you can see animals from all four great ape species. The displays are among large shady trees, so it’s a great place to visit even on hot Texas days. Arrive early if possible, as it can get a little crowded. 

Sundance Square 

Interested in finding dining? What about local down-home cooking? Maybe you just want to walk around, people-watch, and see the architecture. Either way, Sundance Square has all that and more. Visitors can find steaks and seafood, and dine out on patios. They can also enjoy the fountain, cultural activities like Habitat for Humanities Homes, or just shop and eat. During the winter holidays you can see the decorations and giant Christmas Tree. 

Sundance square offers a great assortment of much of what Fort Worth has to offer. 

Restaurants worth checking out at Sundance Square: 

  • Istanbul Grill & Bar Fort Worth – This amazing restaurant has some of the best Turkish food and wine you will find in or out of Turkey.  
  • The Capital Grille – One of, if not the best, steakhouse in Fort Worth. 
  • The Taco Diner – Look no further for high-quality, low-price Southwestern, Mexican, and Latin food. 
  • Check out the full roster of things to do at Sundance Square. 

Fort Worth Botanic Garden 

All four seasons are pleasant at this collection of Fort Worth Gardens. You can see the Fuller, Japanese, and Rose gardens. The Texas Native Boardwalk, Rock Springs, and Back Yard Vegetable Garden are also attractions loved by guests. Bring some water and walking shoes, it does get hot. Also, entry to most of the Botanic Garden is free. The Japanese Garden is the only one which costs money, and it’s only 7 dollars. 

Kimbell Art Museum 

The Kimbell Museum offers a small but exceptional collection of about 350 works of art. There are pieces from Europe’s Classical Period, and Egyptian, Roman, and Greek antiquities. The Asian collection has paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Its modern collection includes works by Picasso, Matisse, and Mondrian. The museum’s research library boasts 60,000 books, catalogs, and periodicals. Designed by Louis I. Kahn, the building’s architecture is known for its gorgeous architecture. Visitors can appreciate fine art, illuminated by natural light flowing across the vaulted ceiling.  

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District 

This is a great piece of American History that pays homage to the old Wild West. You can stay at historic hotels and eat at old-west style restaurants as cowboys saunter up and down the thoroughfares. There are old-west shows, and about two cattle drives to see a day. Make sure to wear some walking shoes though, as your best way to get places in the stockyards is by foot. 

Restaurants and attractions to Check out in the Stockyards Historic District 

  • Lonesome Dove Western Bistro – Here you can get western classics like hush puppies, steaks, and nachos. 
  • H3 Ranch – H3 offers southwestern fare, like chicken-fried steak, southwestern salads, and great burgers. 
  • White Elephant Saloon – Come for the fantastic atmosphere, and good drinks. Wet your whistle. 
  • Stockyards Museum – At only $2 for entry, this museum provides a great look at local history. 
  • Look here for more info about places and events at the Stockyards Historic District. 

Texas Civil War Museum 

This seemingly-small museum has a huge number of exhibits. There is a film you can watch as you enter, giving you a great lesson in Texas history. Relics on display (both inside and outside) include a cannon, an enormous collection of Victorian dresses, knives, uniforms, and flags. Not only the variety, but the number of items on display is extensive. You can find Union exhibits and items on the north side of the museum, and Confederate items on the south side. 

Log Cabin Village 

Historic structures furnished with real artifacts show you 19th century life on the North Texas frontier. Each cabin displays a different side of frontier living. There is a mill, a one room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, and more. The village is staffed by historical interpreters depicting the lives of the people who lived there in the 1800s. 

Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall 

This state-of-the-art location is a venue for live shows, performances, and attractions for the public to enjoy. The in-house performances include the Fort Worth Opera and Symphony Orchestra and the Texas Ballet Theater. You can also see a host of traveling performers. Watch a show with a date, or bring your kids for a free educational community-based project. 

Check their calendar here

Keep Smiling in Fort Worth 

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