6 Celebrity Tooth Facts

Celebrities are well-known for their stunning smiles, but what we’ve collected here are a few lesser-known weird facts about celebrities and their teeth.

  1. The most expensive tooth: John Lennon
    • After a visit to the dentist, John Lennon presented his removed molar to his housekeeper, Dorothy “Dot” Jarlett. Lennon suggested to Jarlett that she present the tooth to her daughter who was a Beatles super fan. Who could turn down an offer like that? The Jarlett family kept the tooth, which they received somewhere between 1964 and 1968, until 2011 when they sold it at auction, raking in a reported $31,200.
    • The winning bidder, you ask? The story gets even weirder. The new owner of John Lennon’s tooth is Dr. Michael Zuk, a Canadian dentist. Dr. Zuk has decided to hold on to the tooth and wants to try to clone John Lennon from the DNA inside the tooth. Though technology has yet to make this a reality, Dr. Zuk is holding on to hope that it will happen in the next five to ten years. You can even check out his website in honor of the famous musician’s tooth.
  2. Brad Pitt, Fight Club
    • For his role as Tyler Durden in the cult classic movie Fight Club, Brad Pitt went all the way to get into character. Pitt even visited a dentist to have his front teeth chipped so that he could really get the look of an illegal underground fighter. After filming, Pitt had his teeth returned to their pearly perfection.
  3. Ed Helms, The Hangover
    • One of the most well-known images from The Hangover is Ed Helms looking crazed with a gap tooth smile. It may surprise you to know, he actually removed his tooth for the role. Possibly even stranger than that, Helms was born with only one front tooth and wears a permanent implant in the missing tooth’s place. In an interview Helms says that they tried special effects and painting the tooth black, but it just didn’t work. Though he wasn’t really excited about removing the implant, his dentist was all for it. They unscrewed the implant, placed a plug in the gap and went in to film.

      Ed Helms WARNER BROS.

  4. Viggo Mortenson, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    • During a heated battle for Middle Earth, Aragorn lost part of his tooth to an orc. In real life, actor Viggo Mortenson actually did accidentally crack a tooth on a piece of orc sword. Mortenson reportedly asked the actor he was fighting to find the piece of tooth and superglue it on so that they could keep filming. Wise and all-powerful that he is, Peter Jackson insisted that they stop filming and that Mortenson receive proper medical treatment.
  5. Cary Grant, Tom Cruise
    • Both Cary Grant and Tom Cruise have only one front tooth. Just look at some pictures; once you’ve seen it, you can never un-see it.
  6. Nicolas Cage
    • As a big supporter of method acting, Nicolas Cage took it all the way for his preparation for his role in the 1980s movie Birdy. Cage actually had some of his teeth extracted to look and feel the part of his role.



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