Dr. H. Peter Ku & Fort Worth Oral Surgery


My name is Dr. Peter Ku and I’m practicing here in Fort Worth Texas and I’m here with my good friend Bob Pendry. He serves as the liaison between the Fort Worth Oral Surgery group and our office. Over the years, we’ve worked closely together.

We restore multiple types of implants from single tooth implants to dentist supportive implants to even all –on- four cases which are sometimes known as teeth in a day.

When I refer a patient over to Forth Worth Oral Surgery group, I have the confidence that they are treated with the highest quality of care and any kind of difficulties or complications are dealt with and taken care of and that their doctors, Dr. Scheideman, Dr. Runyon, Dr. Kostohyrz… strive for perfection when we treat our patients. Those are the things that we attempt to establish here over the 25 years in my practice and I feel like that is establishing our team that we developed here. Sure.

Peter thank you very much for the kind words and we try very hard as a team at Fort Worth Oral Surgery to live up to those expectations that Dr. Ku and his team has as well as his patients have of that corporation and teamwork that our offices share and we are very proud of that. As the director of professional relations it’s my job to foster that and work closely with Dr. Ku and his team when we have patients with dental implants or they have needs for tooth extractions or wisdom teeth extractions so that’s part of our bread and butter offering from Fort Worth Oral Surgery and we take great pride in that.

We want patients to know they can call either one of our teams if they have questions or concerns about the dental process that’s being offered to them. Anything they see on TV, anything they see on the Internet, we want them to make sure that they know they can call us with those questions or concerns, and the answers will be honest and forthright.

So we thank you, Dr. Ku and your team, we thank the patients, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Dr. Ku and his team work very closely with the Fort Worth Oral Surgery team of doctors and both strive for perfection when treating patients.

Both teams excel in treating patients with the highest quality of care and also provide a great combination of helping you feel your best, as well as look your best. With the immense amount of communication between Dr. Ku and his team and the Fort Worth Oral Surgery team, you will receive the care you need throughout every stage of life.

You’ll quickly discover the difference great dental professionals can make in your life. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 817-870-0556.

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